Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

Anaheart Flower Remedies

Anaheart Flower Remedies are made in Australia from the essences of herb flowers and the essences of Australian bush flowers and they are a subtle yet powerful system to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Anaheart Essences work on the causes of dis-ease, helping to release and clear old outdated thought patterns, unhelpful belief systems, and emotional traumas from the past.

Results can occur surprisingly quickly if the chosen flower remedy is in harmony with the person's willingness to move on. However, sometimes it may be necessary to take a flower remedy over a period of time to obtain optimal results. See more information about Flower Remedies here.

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Ac Attack

Many young people display symptoms such as acne, pimples, and other skin eruptions which are often detrimental to a healthy self-image. Ac Attack is designed to nourish and sustain healthy self -esteem which may help to combat the emotional factors behind these irritating symptoms. Ac Attack also helps with communication problems.

  • Promotes feelings of self acceptance, self esteem and personal confidence
  • An improved sense of self as you start to feel comfortable in your own body allowing you to shine, this shows on your face (healthy skin)
  • Liking yourself and feeling good as you step out and take your place in society

By allowing one's inner beauty to be revealed your inner dialogue translates to smooth, clear and flawless skin.

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Addictions Remedy

Addictions Remedy helps one to break free of addictions, self-sabotage, and self-destructive behaviour.
The Shrine of Innocence.

  • Can be an adjunct to drug or alcohol detoxification
  • Promotes vitality and supports a renewed sense of purpose
  • May assist in stabilising erratic behaviour and lifestyle
  • Helps to strengthen resolve to break free of destructive patterns that may contribute to unhealthy lifestyle
  • Helps to dispel inertia and restlessness
  • Leads a person to the light, away from the darkness
  • Integrating of the self after fragmentation.

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Allergy Ease Essence

This Essence is wonderful for sensitive people, It helps to calm and soothe mental, emotional, or physical irritations, which can often manifest as allergies.

The etheric body is the interface between the spiritual and the physical.

When the etheric body is not in alignment with the physical it may create an irritation in the mental, emotional or physical body which can express itself as allergic reaction. Allergy Ease Essence may assist with reducing this irritation.

Allergy Ease Essence may help to:

  • Balance the connection between body and soul, this re-connection may help people who suffer from oversensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Soothe irritation in the mind, body, or emotions, which occurs when there is a problem with the interface between the physical body and spirit
  • Integrate and harmonize the physical and spiritual.

Allergy Ease Spray can be sprayed into the energy field surrounding the body promoting a soothing effect.

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Body Ease

Body Ease is a relaxing remedy that helps to realign the body's subtle energies thereby relaxing the body and relaxing stressed muscles and easing pain in the body.

Sometimes fear can heighten physical suffering, Body Ease Essence is designed to give you the strength and courage to alleviate fear and other emotional issues which may add to the discomfort of chronic pain.

Body Ease:

  • May assist in the relaxation of stressed muscles
  • Could be valuable for easing the stress of repetitive injuries, arthritis, and sore muscles
  • May assist in relaxing muscles, releasing headaches and migraines
  • Promote relaxation of the body and mind
  • Enhance creative visualization
  • Encourage greater flexibility of mind and body
  • Release and let go of worries and anxieties that tend to amplify reactions to chronic pain
  • promote a holistic Pain Management approach.

A few drops can be added to the bath or you can rub Body Ease onto painful areas as a liniment or sprayed it into the energy field over the head and shoulders.

Body Ease is an excellent flower remedy for therapists, chiropractors, masseuses and acupuncturists to use as it assists in the etheric removal of blockages in the meridians It helps to bring about a subtle relaxation of the muscles, which enabling adjustments to be made more easily.

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Break Free Spray

Break Free is a very powerful spray as it allows for release of old habits or patterns which are keeping you in bondage hence the name "Break Free."

Break Free is for those who wish to free themselves of fears, bad habits, unwanted patterns of behaviour or dependency issues, and be free to express their true nature.

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Chakra Balance Spray

Chakra Balance SprayThis spray is designed to cleanse and align the chakras, supporting spiritual, mental and emotional harmony and wellbeing.

Chakra Balance Spray

  • May strengthens the aura
  • Enhances meditation
  • Promotes serenity
  • Brings inner peace.

Spray (100ml)   $26.00     Add to order

Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy

Clearing, Cleansing and Protection RemedyCleanses on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Clearing and Cleansing remedy can be used for individual Cleansing and protection from negative If spayed in the air it helps to clear bad unsettling vibes and lift the spirits, particularly helpful in crowded situations such as schools, shopping centers, nursing homes or hospitals.

Health professionals could use this Remedy to cleanse their work spaces between clients and to protect themselves from energy drain.

Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy may also assist to:

  • Clear and seal the aura
  • Protect from absorbing the negative emotions of others
  • Offer psychic protection to sensitive people
  • Soothe irrational fears, sleep difficulties, night traumas and bedwetting
  • Help to clear, balance and align the chakras enabling feelings of calm
  • Bring clarity and calmness during exams, or important business meetings
  • Help diffuse difficult or aggressive situations

This remedy has an amazing effect on animals, particularly when sprayed near them, calming aggressive and neurotic behaviour almost immediately. It available in Calm and Focus Spray in our Vet Flower Remedy range.

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Essence of Beauty

Essence of Beauty may be helpful for people who are dissatisfied with their body shape and their eating habits. Helps people to see beyond the biological to their true self.

Essence of Beauty may

  • Allow you to see and appreciate your own beauty
  • Enable Recognition of the body as a temple of the spirit
  • Correct self image by overcoming destructive tendencies eg anorexia or bulimia
  • Soothe the emotional issues around food for both over and underweight
  • Promote gaiety and lightness
  • Help you to get high on life, not on food
  • Assist in enabling you to achieve a more healthy lifestyle
  • Help you to love and appreciate yourself the way you are, enabling you to evolve into Who you want to be.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Essence of Happiness

Essence of Happiness is a stimulating Flower Remedy for people who feel depressed and overwhelmed by negative feelings and have difficulty enjoying life.

Essence of Happiness

  • May promote renewed enthusiasm for life
  • Promotes optimism, faith, and hope in looking toward the future
  • Spiritual strength to start again
  • Offers psychic protection — protects from absorbing negativity from others
  • Awakens a sense of fun
  • Refreshes — a new way of seeing the world.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Essence of Joy

"True peace and contentment comes from within, not from outside circumstances." Essence of Joy assists one to find joy and fulfillment in life and to make the most of every situation despite adversity.

Essence of Joy

  • Promotes acceptance of your situation in life, despite facing overwhelming difficulties or restrictions
  • To discover inner strength and joy in the face of overwhelming physical or mental odds
  • Assists in seeking joy and fulfillment whilst making the most of every situation despite adversity
  • Helps to achieve goals joyfully, without undue effort
  • May assist in promoting harmony and cooperation in group situations
  • It could be valuable in treating the emotional issues behind chronic exhaustion, feelings of depression, and erratic mood swings.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Essence of Light

Essence of Light helps to lighten the load and to help to bring your “Life's Goal” into clearer focus, by connecting you to your Higher Self, thus fostering a sense of inner peace, confidence and contentment.

Essence of Light Remedy may:

  • Improve meditation and enhance intuition
  • Uplift communication on all levels promoting self esteem, self expression, and harmonious relationships
  • Encourage a sense of hope and trust in the flow of life
  • Help to release emotional tension allowing unconscious thought patterns to gently surface, to be released quickly and easily.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Essence of Love

Essence of Love is a spiritual love potion to encourage self- love, self-esteem and acceptance of yourself as a powerful spiritual being. This essence stimulates feelings of unconditional love and self-acceptance.

Essence of Love:

  • Encourages mutual understanding and gratitude for life's lessons
  • Enhances loving relationships
  • Brings out the best in self, and others

Sprayed in the air it can help to promote positive loving relationships.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Fidget Midget

Fidget Midget Remedy helps to calm children and to promote a positive learning environment for children. This Flower Essence is useful for calming adults as well as children of all ages.

Fidget Midget Remedy:

  • Designed to promote calmness in children
  • may have a beneficial effect in calming aggressive and disruptive behaviour
  • It is great in the home and for schools, kindergartens and child care centres

Sprayed in the air it can help to create a stress free environment and promote a healthy atmosphere for learning.

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Grandmother Moon Elixir

Grandmother Moon Elixir helps one to pass through the portals of puberty, menstruation, sexual awakening, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, motherhood, menopause, hysterectomy and hormonal changes, with ease and grace. It helps to unlock inner wisdom, and to help one to discover their true nature and to reawaken enthusiasm for life!

Grandmother Moon Elixir:

  • May assist men to explore their feminine side to achieve greater balance
  • Helps us to unlock the power within us and to access our inner wisdom.
  • May promote wellbeing during rights of passage

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Harmony Essence

Harmony Essence can help to promote harmonious relationships and a sense of personal wellbeing and group harmony. Sprayed in the air it helps to boost morale, raise energy levels, stimulate mental clarity, creativity and to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

This essence can be sprayed into the air to affect the whole environment and the people in it, or used as a personal spray as a mood enhancer.

Harmony Spray is suitable for use in the home, and in commercial areas to promote a happy and vibrant atmosphere. It works to clear and calm the atmosphere to promote a stress free environment.

It is available in small 30ml personal spray bottles which can be carried in the car or handbag, or in 100 ml bottles to be used to clear and enhance large areas.

Harmony spray is excellent to use in the workplace, to boost morale and encourage job satisfaction and productivity.

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Jet Lag Remedy

May help allay anxiety and fears connected to travel and travel sickness and help to reset inner time clock.

Jet Lag Remedy may help to:

  • Align the physical, mental, and emotional energies to enable rebalance of the body clock
  • Soothe emotional distress in overcrowded and unfamiliar situations
  • Assist with assimilation into new environments, e.g., Jet Lag
  • Calm anxiety due to over-sensitivity to travel and fear of enclosed spaces
  • Restore natural balance and equilibrium

For best results this remedy can be taken before, during, and after travel.

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Neuro Clear Essence

Neuro Clear Essence is designed to soothe and balance the nervous system promoting enhanced recall and clarity of thought.

Neuro Clear Essence may assist in:

  • Re-education of the body during the process of rehabilitation
  • Balancing the left and right side of the brain improving physical co-ordination

It may be helpful with learning difficulties. May help to awaken previously unused areas of the brain.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Realisation Remedy

Helps to realise full potential and translate ideas into action.

May also assist to:

  • Enhance self esteem
  • Encourage and support belief in yourself
  • Aid in setting goals in life, and achieving them
  • Enhance the process of creative visualization
  • Help with creating own reality with positive thinking
  • Help to dissolve emotional blocks to success.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Sexuality Essence

Enhances sensuality and self-esteem, and the ability to accept oneself as a sexual being.

  • Promotes higher levels of understanding of the spiritual aspects of sexuality
  • Assists in promoting resolution of sexual issues
  • Enhances the ability to release and move on from previous sexual traumas
  • Is designed to promote joyous upliftment of spirits and a sense of fun
  • Opens the heart to allow for meaningful intimacy.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

The Peacemaker

Is designed to create a clear calm atmosphere and to facilitate inner peace and acceptance. Could be of use in aged care facilities, schools, hospitals, and in the home.

The Peacemaker is:

  • Designed to calm the atmosphere
  • Promote peace and harmony.
  • Includes Neuro Clear Essence to enhance optimum brain function

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Transformation Spray

Transformation spray is wonderful for for those who are ready to let go, move on; and to realize their full potential.

Transformation spray is designed to:

  • Enhance self esteem
  • Encourage and support belief in yourself
  • Help you to to realise your full potential
  • Translate ideas into action.
  • Aid in setting goals in life, and achieving them
  • Enhance the process of creative visualization
  • Help with creating own reality with positive thinking
  • Help to dissolve emotional blocks to success

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Transition Essence

Transition Essence aids in manifesting, initiating and coping with major life changes. It also helps with issues involved inf death and dying for all who are affected.

Transition Essence may also assist to:

  • Help to allay fears
  • Deal with issues of death and dying, for all parties involved
  • Deal with sudden and unexpected change
  • Support through the enormous physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • Prevent mischievous behavior in children and aged persons
  • Bring peace to overactive and distressed children

People in pain have this deep fear in the core of them that they will not be able to fulfill their life. This is the great panic that all human beings fear when faced with death, that they have not completed their journey. Enables people to be less fearful and to act in a responsive manner to any situation.

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Trauma Remedy

Trauma RemedyTrauma Remedy is an powerful essence, designed to offer almost immediate natural anxiety relief, to help overcome anger, fear, panic, or any strong overwhelming emotions. It is first aid in a bottle, can be kept in car or bag for use in emergency.

  • Use for shock, accidents, sudden illness, crisis, or trauma of any type
  • Can assist to alleviate feelings of apprehension, fear or just unable to cope

A remedy to help overcome anger, fear, panic, sudden illness, or any strong overwhelming emotions.

Spray (30ml)   $20.00     Add to order

Vitality Remedy

Vitality Remedy is designed to enhance the body's energy system to help overcome and recover from illness.

Vitality Remedy helps to:

  • Build inner strength and courage to overcome illness and infections
  • Speed up recovery in illness by enhancing the will to live
  • Enhance the desire to get on with life

May help the body to heal itself, as it includes flower remedies to enhance the immune system.

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