Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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Vitality Remedy

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Vitality Remedy is designed to enhance the body's energy system to help overcome and recover from illness.

Vitality Remedy helps to:

  • Build inner strength and courage to overcome illness and infections
  • Speed up recovery in illness by enhancing the will to live
  • Enhance the desire to get on with life

May help the body to heal itself, as it includes flower remedies to enhance the immune system.


A women in her late forties was travelling to India, She had experienced jet lag in the past so she decided to take the flower remedy with her on this trip. She found that she had "no jet lag and felt full of energy with no fatigue whatever" on the journey. She also took Vitality Remedy and found that she was well while her fellow travellers were suffering around her. After she ran out of the remedy however she also became ill. She is visiting India again and says she will take a bigger bottle next time.

Vitality Remedy is useful for treating the following conditions: