Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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About Flower Remedies

Anaheart Flower Remedies Flower Remedies promote well-being on all levels, helping to change old outmoded thought patterns and beliefs, which then create positive changes to the mind, body, and emotions effortlessly. Changes then manifest on the physical level and healing begins to take place.

Flower Remedies are easy to use; due to the subtle way they work they are completely self-adjusting and can do no harm. They can easily and safely be chosen, for yourself and your loved ones. Flower Remedies provide an opportunity for you to reclaim the choices and responsibility for your own health and well-being and that of your loved ones.

Flower Remedies work in a subtle way. They are Vibrational medicine, they do not contain the physical properties of the flower but the actual etheric imprint or life essence of the flower. This etheric imprint works in a subtle yet powerful way to change the consciousness, or thought patterns of the individual. Flower remedies have been used successfully for healing for many years. The Bach Flower Remedies were first produced in the 1930's, and are still used successfully by many today.

How to Use Flower Remedies

Anaheart Flower Remedies come in spray bottles. They can be sprayed on the wrist or over the head and shoulders or on the affected area. Flower Essences work very well as a spray, as they are immediately assimilated through the energy field.

Some remedies are designed for individual use and others to be sprayed into the air so they can affect the whole environment and all those in it.

Always shake the bottle before use as this helps to keep the Remedy potentized.

Flower Essences work well when used three times a day or you can use your own intuition to use remedies when you feel the need for them. Another way to enjoy Anaheart Flower Remedies is to pour a few drops in a bath. Use the purest water possible, add some lemon juice to purify it further and enjoy a leisurely energy bath, without soap.

Remedies can also be used as a liniment—Body Ease remedy works well like this, particularly when rubbed directly onto the painful areas of the body—then spray over the head and shoulders for the best results. In emergency situations Flower Remedies can be sprayed or rubbed on the wrist or forehead, this may also be preferable for babies or children.

Certain substances may interfere with the therapeutic effects of Flower Remedies for example, coffee, toothpaste, mints, garlic, camphor, and strong perfumes, it is best to limit these while taking Remedies.

It is advisable that your Flower Remedies are stored in a clean area away from food or chemicals, strong light and electromagnetic fields.

Spiritual practices such as Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, chanting, positive mental attitude and creative visualization techniques will enhance the effectiveness of Flower Remedies.

Choosing a Flower Remedy

Anaheart Flower Remedies Flower Remedies are grass roots medicine, they do not interfere with the effects of medications, so are safe for everybody to use. Have faith that you will be guided to the Flower Remedy that will assist you to make the spiritual, emotional, and physiological changes necessary to bring you back to a state of balance and well-being. Experiment and find out what works for you.

There are many ways to choose a Flower Remedy, it is a matter of finding the method that suits you. Sometimes you will get a strong feeling while reading the flower essence descriptions that clearly identifies the correct Flower Remedy for you.

Anaheart publication "Sacred Wisdom" is an excellent diagnostic tool to choose Flower Essences.

Using Sacred Wisdom Angelic Guidance Book to Choose Flower Remedies

Hold Sacred Wisdom in your hands for a few moments and mentally ask what will assist your healing, then open the book at random, amazingly your answer will appear.

If you prefer, browse through the book, a particular Flower Essence may get your attention or you may feel a particular attraction to an Anaheart Angel associated with a particular Remedy, trust this feeling, this is your intuition at work.

Dowsing with a pendulum works well for some people.

Move your hand over the tops of the bottles and "feel" the Flower Remedy for you.

Muscle testing (Kinesiology), is another excellent method.

While reading the flower essence descriptions you will often get a sense of the Flower Remedy you or your family needs.