Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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Flower Remedies for Animals

The Anaheart range of Animal Flower Remedies has been especially produced to enhance the overall wellbeing of animals. Flower Remedies work on the subtle energies of the animal to produce holistic balance and wellbeing. This can manifest on many levels, emotional, mental and physical, to promote healing. Results can occur surprisingly quickly however, sometimes it may be necessary to give a remedy over a period of time to obtain optimal results.

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How Flower Remedies Work

Flower Remedies promote well-being on all levels, helping to create positive changes to the mind, body, and emotions effortlessly. Changes then manifest on the physical level and healing begins to take place. Flower essences are easy to use; due to the subtle way they work they are completely self adjusting and can do no harm. They can easily and safely be chosen, for your animals.

How To Use Flower Remedies

Flower Essences work very well as a spray as they are immediately assimilated through the skin. Spray around the animal's head and shoulders. If the animal dislikes being sprayed wet your hand with the Remedy and rub near the affected area or on the scruff of the neck. Remedies can also be sprayed in the air e.g. for caged birds. Used like this they can enhance the whole environment. If you wish you can add a little of the essence to the animal's water or bath.

Allergy Ease

To help over-sensitive animals cope better with everyday life. Many of these animals may suffer from sensitivities to food, insect bites and other irritations. This Remedy may help to bring over-sensitive animals back into a state of balance.

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Body Ease for Pets

This Remedy is designed to balance the body's subtle energies thereby enabling the body to relax more fully, it helps older animals to cope with chronic pain.

Body Ease for Pets:

  • May assist in the relaxation of stressed and sore muscles
  • Could be valuable for easing the stress of repetitive injuries, arthritis, and sore muscles
  • May help to deal with emotional stress caused by chronic pain

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Breeding Formula

May help to soothe the emotional distress surrounding Birth, Broken heartedness, Hormonal Imbalance, Motherhood, Fertility, Mating, Pregnancy.

Breeding Formula may help to balance the emotions during the reproductive process, fertility, mating, pregnancy, and birth. May assist the new mother emotionally with the responsibilities of motherhood, and later when the young grow up or leave. It also may help the animal to cope with the effects of being spayed or neutered. It is designed to assist in all aspects of the breeding cycle, to help to balance both the emotional and hormonal aspects of the breeding cycle.

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Caged Animal Formula

Caged Animal FormulaMay assist to reduce nervous irritability, boredom, obsessive behaviour and territorial behaviour in captive animals.

Caged Animal formula is especially helpful for caged animals, birds and dogs in confined spaces to help them feel happy and content in whatever situation they find themselves.

Seven drops can be added to feed or water or it can be used as a spray to enhance the whole environment.

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Calm and Focus

Calm and Focus Remedy is designed to reduce boredom and mischievous and destructive behaviour, and to help animals cope well in difficult situations.

Calm and Focus Remedy helps animals to deal with with major life changes. It is an excellent Remedy for animals who misbehave, or refuse to carry out instructions, enabling them to focus on the task at hand e.g. greyhounds or horses when racing. It also enables animals to act in a responsible manner in any situation especially when under pressure, e.g., animal shows and races. Calm and Focus helps to reduce stress and allows the animal to deal with changes in their environment with a minimum of fuss. It may also assist in retraining an animal or attempting to break it of bad habits. Use Calm and Focus for bored animals who left alone for long periods, especially is they are destructive.

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Training Formula

Training Formula facilitates communication and cooperation when training animals.

Training Formula is designed to help animals to fully develop their innate talents, and to enjoy their lot in life. Training Remedy enhances self esteem and a sense of fun. It is helpful for animals who have been abused or had difficulty with past training procedures. If an animal has suffered substantial abuse, we suggest using Training Formula with Trauma Remedy for several weeks or until the animal’s wellbeing has improved.

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Trauma Remedy

Natural Anxiety Relief for Animals.

Trauma Remedy is designed to soothe the emotional trauma associated with shock, accidents, sudden illness. Trauma Remedy can used as a spray or rubbed on the body. This wonderful Remedy can also be used for apprehension, fear, panic attacks, separation anxiety, animals undergoing traumatic procedures, or whenever the animal is just unable to cope. Trauma Remedy can be carried in your car or handbag for use in any stressful situation.

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Travel Remedy

May help the animal to relax while travelling.

Spray the animal before, during, and after travelling. This Remedy may also help animals with sensitive tummies to travel more happily in cars.

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