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Body Ease for Pets

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This Remedy is designed to balance the body's subtle energies thereby enabling the body to relax more fully, it helps older animals to cope with chronic pain.

Body Ease for Pets:

  • May assist in the relaxation of stressed and sore muscles
  • Could be valuable for easing the stress of repetitive injuries, arthritis, and sore muscles
  • May help to deal with emotional stress caused by chronic pain

Case History short version

A nurse with two older dogs writes.... "Since putting the BodyEase for Pets Remedy in the water bowl I had hard evidence of a significant improvement in both my dogs wellbeing. Cassie is now 13 years old and Bugsy the Doberman is 9 years old this year, both are certainly getting on. However, within 3 days of adding the remedy to their water bowl I observed improvement in both

  • More energetic and less stiffness after exercise
  • Generally brighter and happier within themselves—showing interest in their surroundings and playtime again
  • Cassie is able to eat properly again, despite her teeth not being in perfect condition

I believe strongly that these improvements are solely due to the BodyEase remedy, as there is no chance of a Placebo effect being at work. The remedy can not be tasted and the dogs are not aware of being given medicine. Furthermore, within 4 days of running out of the remedy there was a decline in their wellbeing again. Friends have also commented on the change in both dogs without knowing that I was using the remedy."

Case History Long Version—Cassie the dog writes...

A Thank-You-Note from my little Jack Russel Cassie:

Dear Glenyss

I celebrated my 13th birthday this July and I must say things were starting to get a bit tough for me.

I grew up and lived on a farm for my first 10 years, so you can imagine I was always rather busy and involved with Pest Control whenever I was not to comfortable on the couch. Thanks to my tremendous digging abilities I have suffered from gingivitis a lot of the time, I’ve been told not to use my teeth to dig in the dirt, but what would a human know about digging. So, I have lost quite a few teeth, because dental hygiene was never a strong point of mine, still isn’t. Other than that I was always fighting fit, it was nothing for me to attack 2 English Sheepdogs at the same time and my companion the Doberman certainly always knew who was in control (big dogs forget that their ears and lips are very sensitive when a Jack Russel hangs on to them).

But well as I said this year things went downhill a bit. I was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and put on tablets by the vet, I took them faithfully in a nice dollop of liverwurst every day, but things got worse anyway. I had put on several kilos because of those tablets, my body started to retain fluid and I felt like sh.. I could not be bothered to pull other dogs into line and spent most of my time in my basket.

To top it all off another one of my molars got infected and the vet said he could not put me under anesthetic again to extract it because of my trachea problems. Whats a little dog to do?

Thankfully my mum decided that enough was enough and that my whole medication regime should be changed and corrected (she is a nurse and thinks she knows everything). Anyway, she found a doggie naturopath and slowly weaned me of the tablets and onto herbs and things. I clearly improved, but on the downside I did not get my liverwurst anymore because the herbs come in drops (what a silly idea).

So, now my inflammation and infection was under control, but my tooth still hurt and eating wasn’t much fun at all. Finally in September this problem was solved also.

Mum went to Anaheart to listen to a psychic, well I thought what good is to come out of this I’m not a spirit yet for god’s sake, I just have a sore tooth. However, she came home with some drops and put them in my water, she never told me about this until a few days ago and I could not taste it because they are completely flavourless. Well, what a change, I was eating bones again, which is so important to keep my other teeth clean. I felt good, I was running around again at the park, having a go at other dogs and the Doberman is profiting from my guidance again. Mum thinks she wants to try me on another formula now for behavioural problems, even though I can not see a problem with my behaviour at all, humans... ! If anything when I looked through the brochure I thought the Breeding Formula might be good to try, let it be known I feel good I look good and its spring time isn’t it?

So a great big Thank You to you Glenyss for the Pain Ease, I most definitely do endorse it!

With much Love — Cassie

Sorry Glenyss, Cassie does like to ramble on a bit, can I just say Thank you as well.

Body Ease for Pets is useful for treating the following conditions: