Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

The Purpose of Angel Art

Angel Art as Therapy

Since the beginning of time art has been of spiritual significance and was often thought to have magical properties. Quantum physics explains that we are all pure energy vibrating at different rates, and many medical scientists have documented that both thoughts and feelings have an enormous effect on our overall wellbeing. They now recognize that inspirational art and music have therapeutic effects.

Angel Paintings to Uplift Energies

Glenyss Bourne's Angel Paintings exude the energy of deep peace and harmony to lift the vibration, and to activate the connection to the Higher Self and to the Angelic Realms. These Energy Paintings may be used to lift and clear the energy vibration wherever they are placed. They amplify healing and provide Spiritual Protection, helping to dissipate fears and anxiety.

Angel Art to Enhance Healing

Glenyss' Angel paintings now hang in the healing rooms of many health professionals and the results have been extraordinary, they seem to enhance the healing experience for both the healer and client. Just sitting with the Angel paintings is a deeply meditative and healing experience.

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Angel Art Magazine Article

In late 2007, Glenyss was interviewed by Colleen Bate for issue 11 of the magazine Digital Reproduction. A PDF copy of the article can be seen here.

Digital Angel Paintings

Paintings may be purchased from the following online sources:

Since Glenyss paints digitally using the light technology of the computer (because this most closely matches the quality of light in the Angelic Realms, there is only a digital original. This means that the Angel Artwork may be reproduced in different sizes on paper or on canvas. Each print is individually hand printed and blessed, signed and dated by the artist.
The Angelic Artwork is reproduced with archival materials using the Giclee digital printing process and will last for many years.
Each large painting comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

The Paintings are carefully packed in shipping tubes ready for framing or stretching.

Sizes available and pricing

We use Archival Fine Art Paper and Canvas.

* Note: sizes are only approximate due to different aspect ratios.

1:41 (standard) Aspect Ratio

Artwork sizeArchival
Small: 203254mm 810"$29.00
A3: 297420mm 11.716.5"$72.00$89.00
A2: 420594mm 16.523.4"$139.00$169.00
A1: 594841mm 23.433.1"$244.00$299.00
A0: 8411189mm 33.146.8$428.00$588.00

1:1 (square) Aspect Ratio

Artwork sizeArchival
1:1 - 20cm, 8" sq.$28.00
1:1 - 30cm, 12" sq.$52.00$59.00
1:1 - 45cm, 18" sq.$94.00$129.00
1:1 - 60cm, 23.6" sq.$182.00$236.00
1:1 - 80cm, 31.5" sq.$338.00$389.00

1:2 Aspect Ratio

Artwork sizeArchival
1:2 - 20x40cm, 8x16"$49.00$59.00
1:2 - 25x50cm, 10x20"$64.00$73.00
1:2 - 30x60cm, 12x24"$98.00$109.00
1:2 - 45x90cm, 18x36"$179.00$229.00
1:2 - 55x110cm, 21.6x43"$354.00$443.00
1:2 - 80x160cm, 31.5x63"$648.00$730.00

Angel Illuminations DVD

Deep Visual Meditation featuring the Sanskrit Mantra Om Namah Shivaya. (Comes bundled with the Anaheart Kirtan CD)

This is an eight minute visual meditation featuring the Visionary Angel Paintings of Glenyss Bourne; and the Universal Healing Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya. It will enable those who have trouble relaxing and meditating to effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation and feel the stress of everyday life melt away! It is suitable for adults and children; and for those in despair or in need of healing.; preview a short version on YouTube.

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DVD (incl. Anaheart Kirtan CD) — free postage   $37.90     Add to order

Sacred Wisdom book

Glenyss Bournes' book Sacred Wisdom combines Angel images, Angelic messages and associated flower remedies which may offer daily insights into improving quality of life and the underlying caused of dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. In Sacred Wisdom, the combination of the Angel icon and the words of wisdom is amazingly powerful. The writing and the image, stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain, working at a deep level in the psyche to inspire change, enabling release of old outdated negative thought patterns. The Anaheart Flower Remedies work on the subtle energies of the body to produce holistic balance and wellbeing. This can manifest on many levels, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, to promote healing.

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Hand printed book, signed — free postage   $45.00     Add to order