Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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Anaheart Inspiration

Original mandala of the Heart Chakra by Glenyss Bourne Anaheart is taken from Anahata meaning the Heart Chakra. It is the energy center of open heart and unconditional love, this being the essence of true healing. Anaheart came into being in the late 1980's, it was pure inspiration and insight that came as part of Glenyss Bourne's personal journey (founder of Anaheart).

Flower Essences

Anaheart Flower Remedies Reiki and Yoga were the ancient systems of healing and self awakening that initially inspired Glenyss; this led to an awareness of and understanding and knowledge of healing systems that took Glenyss to her study of Flower Essences. Flower Essence healing became Glenyss's passion, she believed she had found her calling and was surprised when an idea came to her one night and she found herself painting an Angel.

Angel Paintings

Glenyss Bourne, pictured with one of her Angel Paintings Glenyss became at one with the Angels as Angel after Angel appeared to her and miraculously she was able to document this through her Angel Artwork—soon she had a Host of Angels and as if in a dream they spoke to her offering words of wisdom, now documented in her book Sacred Wisdom, and gave Angelic insights into her work with Flower Essences.

Sacred Wisdom book Her Angels are now produced digitally and have been her inspiration for her first book Sacred Wisdom.

A unique and complete system of healing, flower essences and angel inspiration, the divine and sacred offering that created Anaheart was made known.

Spiritual Healing

"Loving Kindness" — a digital angel painting overpainted with gold leaf. Since the flower of healing and love opened in Glenyss's heart her journey has been profound. A Reiki Master and Yoga Disciple she believed her knowledge would take her on an upward journey, to her own amazement she was taken into levels of illness and suffering where at times she felt there would never be any return to good health.

This period of her life gave her incredible insights into the enduring spirit of a human being, with her belief in the body's ability to heal, her hopes, optimism, and faith, pushed to unbearable limits but somehow she found the strength to persevere, and with the help of Reiki and the Angels, against all odds completely recovered to full health.

Today she has greater energy levels, happiness, and health than she could ever have imagined and it is with her incredible enthusiasm, indisputable inner wisdom, and willingness to fully participate in the healing of the earth and its inhabitants that she offers Anaheart creations.

Angelic Inspiration

"We are all One" by Glenyss Bourne Anaheart's vision and aim is to ease the suffering of humanity by inspiring others to remember Who they truly are, an Angel, a Spiritual Being.

Anaheart offers a platform for a better way of life.

Angel inspiration has produced Anaheart; each creation is enhanced with divine energies, with their own Angel on the label to inspire and uplift with Angelic grace.

Angelic Guidance

Anaheart products. Anaheart Integrity

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Purity of Intention
  • Angelic Inspiration / Divine Energy
  • Enhanced Energy / Reiki / Spiritual Understanding & Knowledge
  • Commitment to Universal Laws

Our assurance is that all Anaheart Creations have been produced in a very special, caring, and loving way, guided and inspired by the Angels.