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Allergy Ease

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To help over-sensitive animals cope better with everyday life. Many of these animals may suffer from sensitivities to food, insect bites and other irritations. This Remedy may help to bring over-sensitive animals back into a state of balance.


Hi Glenyss,
I have been buying Allergy Ease for my staffy who gets a yeast infection in her paws. We have spent a lot of money at the vets getting her allergy tested and trying different creams and antibiotics in which nothing worked. I saw your product displayed on the counter at the vets and decided to give it a go as nothing else seemed to be working. I spayed allergy ease onto the effected area, and it was amazing her infection cleared up in just a few days. I highly recommend your products to anyone, I have been using allergy ease now for more than six years and have just found your products on the internet, you can guarantee I will continue to keep using allergy ease and will definitely try anything else I may require.
Thanking You for your wonderful remedies,

Allergy Ease is useful for treating the following conditions: