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Trauma Remedy

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Natural Anxiety Relief for Animals.

Trauma Remedy is designed to soothe the emotional trauma associated with shock, accidents, sudden illness. Trauma Remedy can used as a spray or rubbed on the body. This wonderful Remedy can also be used for apprehension, fear, panic attacks, separation anxiety, animals undergoing traumatic procedures, or whenever the animal is just unable to cope. Trauma Remedy can be carried in your car or handbag for use in any stressful situation.


Trauma Remedy for Air Travel

One Country Veterinarian prescribes Trauma Remedy for animals who are being transported by air. She finds it works very well as the animals remain calm during the trip. She prefers Trauma Remedy to the the tranquilizers routinely prescribed for air travel as it does not have any dangerous side effects.

Bird Recovers from Serious Illness

A client bought a bottle of Trauma Remedy Spray for her mother whose beloved pet bird was seriously ill. She had spent about $600 at the vets, but the bird didn’t respond to ant of the treatments and was not expected to live.

They sprayed the bird with Trauma Remedy Spray and it improved almost immediately and in a day or two was in perfect health.

Trauma Remedy is useful for treating the following conditions: