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Transition Essence

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Transition Essence aids in manifesting, initiating and coping with major life changes. It also helps with issues involved inf death and dying for all who are affected.

Transition Essence may also assist to:

  • Help to allay fears
  • Deal with issues of death and dying, for all parties involved
  • Deal with sudden and unexpected change
  • Support through the enormous physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • Prevent mischievous behavior in children and aged persons
  • Bring peace to overactive and distressed children

People in pain have this deep fear in the core of them that they will not be able to fulfill their life. This is the great panic that all human beings fear when faced with death, that they have not completed their journey. Enables people to be less fearful and to act in a responsive manner to any situation.


At first this remedy was made to help those who were facing their own death, to enable them to let go without fear, and to help their carers to cope with the situation. It worked very well in this situation but I soon found that it had many other applications.

A woman, chose this essence as she wanted to make major changes in her life but felt powerless to do so. After taking this essence she found the courage to finally leave her marriage, found a new house, began a new relationship and decided to become a Reiki master all in a matter of weeks. She was surprised at the ease and speed with which she made these changes and coped with them both physically and emotionally.

Transition Essence is useful for treating the following conditions: