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Grandmother Moon Elixir

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Grandmother Moon Elixir helps one to pass through the portals of puberty, menstruation, sexual awakening, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, motherhood, menopause, hysterectomy and hormonal changes, with ease and grace. It helps to unlock inner wisdom, and to help one to discover their true nature and to reawaken enthusiasm for life!

Grandmother Moon Elixir:

  • May assist men to explore their feminine side to achieve greater balance
  • Helps us to unlock the power within us and to access our inner wisdom.
  • May promote wellbeing during rights of passage

I received a grateful phone call from the patient of a Naturopath who had prescribed Grandmother Moon for her severe depression and hormonal problems. She told me she had felt chronically suicidal and depressed but after a couple of doses of Grandmother Moon she felt normal for the first time in years.

Grandmother Moon Elixir is useful for treating the following conditions: