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Harmony Essence

Available as follows:
     Spray (100ml)  —  $26.00  —  Add to order
     Spray (30ml)  —  $20.00  —  Add to order

Harmony Essence can help to promote harmonious relationships and a sense of personal wellbeing and group harmony. Sprayed in the air it helps to boost morale, raise energy levels, stimulate mental clarity, creativity and to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

This essence can be sprayed into the air to affect the whole environment and the people in it, or used as a personal spray as a mood enhancer.

Harmony Spray is suitable for use in the home, and in commercial areas to promote a happy and vibrant atmosphere. It works to clear and calm the atmosphere to promote a stress free environment.

It is available in small 30ml personal spray bottles which can be carried in the car or handbag, or in 100 ml bottles to be used to clear and enhance large areas.

Harmony spray is excellent to use in the workplace, to boost morale and encourage job satisfaction and productivity.

Harmony Essence may be of interest to Health Professionals working in the following areas:

  • Workplace