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Allergy Ease Essence

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This Essence is wonderful for sensitive people, It helps to calm and soothe mental, emotional, or physical irritations, which can often manifest as allergies.

The etheric body is the interface between the spiritual and the physical.

When the etheric body is not in alignment with the physical it may create an irritation in the mental, emotional or physical body which can express itself as allergic reaction. Allergy Ease Essence may assist with reducing this irritation.

Allergy Ease Essence may help to:

  • Balance the connection between body and soul, this re-connection may help people who suffer from oversensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Soothe irritation in the mind, body, or emotions, which occurs when there is a problem with the interface between the physical body and spirit
  • Integrate and harmonize the physical and spiritual.

Allergy Ease Spray can be sprayed into the energy field surrounding the body promoting a soothing effect.


Grevillia Banksii: this is one of the remedies in Allergy Ease Allergy.

A mixture of Grevillia Banksii and Jasmine cleared up an irritating skin rash when taken by a young woman in her twenties.

I originally made up the flower Remedy that was to later become Allergy Ease Remedy, when one of my son’s friend’s eyes swelled up horribly while she was visiting us. I intuitively mixed a few flower essences together and diluted them in Colloidal Silver and she sprayed the mixture around her eyes. They seemed to improve immediately and she sprayed them several more timed during the afternoon, until they were back to normal. It was an amazing transformation, so later we tried the remedy on other irritating conditions and found it to be highly successful.

Allergy Ease Essence is useful for treating the following conditions: