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Addictions Remedy

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Addictions Remedy helps one to break free of addictions, self-sabotage, and self-destructive behaviour.
The Shrine of Innocence.

  • Can be an adjunct to drug or alcohol detoxification
  • Promotes vitality and supports a renewed sense of purpose
  • May assist in stabilising erratic behaviour and lifestyle
  • Helps to strengthen resolve to break free of destructive patterns that may contribute to unhealthy lifestyle
  • Helps to dispel inertia and restlessness
  • Leads a person to the light, away from the darkness
  • Integrating of the self after fragmentation.

Banksia prionotes as used in Addictions Remedy

A thirty eight year old woman chose this essence intuitively and was pleasantly surprised after she had taken it, that she no longer had any desire to smoke cigarettes or marijuana. She said that she felt completely differently about her body and could not do those things to it anymore.

Addictions Remedy is useful for treating the following conditions: