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Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy

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Clearing, Cleansing and Protection RemedyCleanses on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Clearing and Cleansing remedy can be used for individual Cleansing and protection from negative If spayed in the air it helps to clear bad unsettling vibes and lift the spirits, particularly helpful in crowded situations such as schools, shopping centers, nursing homes or hospitals.

Health professionals could use this Remedy to cleanse their work spaces between clients and to protect themselves from energy drain.

Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy may also assist to:

  • Clear and seal the aura
  • Protect from absorbing the negative emotions of others
  • Offer psychic protection to sensitive people
  • Soothe irrational fears, sleep difficulties, night traumas and bedwetting
  • Help to clear, balance and align the chakras enabling feelings of calm
  • Bring clarity and calmness during exams, or important business meetings
  • Help diffuse difficult or aggressive situations

This remedy has an amazing effect on animals, particularly when sprayed near them, calming aggressive and neurotic behaviour almost immediately. It available in Calm and Focus Spray in our Vet Flower Remedy range.


A client, a sole parent with two children, wanted a remedy to dispel what she described as "bad vibes" in her house. She sprayed Clearing Cleansing and Protection Remedy frequently around the house in the evening when the children came home from school and at bedtime. She commented that the house itself felt much better and the family was happier and less unsettled, and told me with great joy that from the first night that she used it, her young son (7 years) who had never been dry at night, stopped wetting the bed.

Another young boy who suffered from recurrent night terrors, nightmares and also bedwetting and sleepwalking began sleeping peacefully and stopped wetting the bed after using Clearing Cleansing and Protection Remedy.

Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy is useful for treating the following conditions: