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The Peacemaker

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Is designed to create a clear calm atmosphere and to facilitate inner peace and acceptance. Could be of use in aged care facilities, schools, hospitals, and in the home.

The Peacemaker is:

  • Designed to calm the atmosphere
  • Promote peace and harmony.
  • Includes Neuro Clear Essence to enhance optimum brain function

An elderly woman, an ex-nurse, whose husband suffered from dementia as a result of a stroke several years previously wrote. "He... is becoming increasingly agitated and frustrated and rather difficult to handle... today was rather a bad afternoon for him, I was able to spray him with the Remedies with the result that within half to three quarters of an hour he settled and after that was smiling and chuckling with me for quite some time, I was able to settle him for the night without any tantrums at all." He was later placed in a Nursing Home and she writes "Have already sent the spare spray to the staff... The staff still marvel at the good effect that the spray has and am encouraging them to use on the other patients."

The Peacemaker is useful for treating the following conditions:

The Peacemaker may be of interest to Health Professionals working in the following areas:

  • Aged Care
  • Counselors
  • Hospitals
  • Schools / Kindergartens / Childcare
  • Workplace