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Ac Attack

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Many young people display symptoms such as acne, pimples, and other skin eruptions which are often detrimental to a healthy self-image. Ac Attack is designed to nourish and sustain healthy self -esteem which may help to combat the emotional factors behind these irritating symptoms. Ac Attack also helps with communication problems.

  • Promotes feelings of self acceptance, self esteem and personal confidence
  • An improved sense of self as you start to feel comfortable in your own body allowing you to shine, this shows on your face (healthy skin)
  • Liking yourself and feeling good as you step out and take your place in society

By allowing one's inner beauty to be revealed your inner dialogue translates to smooth, clear and flawless skin.


A Teenage girl with severe skin eruptions had tried many over the counter remedies and her GP was about to refer her to a skin specialist.

I had just formulated Ac Attack Spray and it was suggested to her as a last resort. Not only did her skin clear up with the first bottle. When she began to use the second bottle her excited mother rang the consultant who had supplied the remedy, enquiring excitedly about what was different in the new bottle. She said—her daughter who had been sullen, intriverted and who shunned all family interactions, had begun to talk nicely to her and came and sat at the table to have tea with the family and suggested going shopping with her mother immediately she began to use the second bottle!!

The magic ingredient which I had added to the second formulation of Ac Attack was... Essence of light. I had been thinking about teenagers in particular and decided to add this essence which enhances communication, as I thought that most teenagers and their families could benefit from better communication skills.

Many parents who supply AcAttack joyfully to their teenagers, guiltily pray from time to time that pimples will begin to appear! Some have even been known to look at their offspring's face and gently suggest that they can see a pimple that is just starting to form; in the hope that they will begin to spray themselves with AcAttack and that their demeanor will subsequently improve!

Ac Attack is useful for treating the following conditions:

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