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Anaheart Combination Remedies to aid Anger

The Peacemaker
Trauma Remedy

The Peacemaker

Is designed to create a clear calm atmosphere and to facilitate inner peace and acceptance. Could be of use in aged care facilities, schools, hospitals, and in the home.

The Peacemaker is:

  • Designed to calm the atmosphere
  • Promote peace and harmony.
  • Includes Neuro Clear Essence to enhance optimum brain function

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Trauma Remedy

Trauma RemedyTrauma Remedy is an powerful essence, designed to offer almost immediate natural anxiety relief, to help overcome anger, fear, panic, or any strong overwhelming emotions. It is first aid in a bottle, can be kept in car or bag for use in emergency.

  • Use for shock, accidents, sudden illness, crisis, or trauma of any type
  • Can assist to alleviate feelings of apprehension, fear or just unable to cope

A remedy to help overcome anger, fear, panic, sudden illness, or any strong overwhelming emotions.

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