Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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Anaheart Combination Remedies to aid Overweight

Essence of Beauty

Essence of Beauty

Essence of Beauty may be helpful for people who are dissatisfied with their body shape and their eating habits. Helps people to see beyond the biological to their true self.

Essence of Beauty may

  • Allow you to see and appreciate your own beauty
  • Enable Recognition of the body as a temple of the spirit
  • Correct self image by overcoming destructive tendencies eg anorexia or bulimia
  • Soothe the emotional issues around food for both over and underweight
  • Promote gaiety and lightness
  • Help you to get high on life, not on food
  • Assist in enabling you to achieve a more healthy lifestyle
  • Help you to love and appreciate yourself the way you are, enabling you to evolve into Who you want to be.

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