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Veterinary - Focus and Determination

Anaheart Combination Remedies to aid Focus and Determination

Calm and Focus

Calm and Focus

Calm and Focus Remedy is designed to reduce boredom and mischievous and destructive behaviour, and to help animals cope well in difficult situations.

Calm and Focus Remedy helps animals to deal with with major life changes. It is an excellent Remedy for animals who misbehave, or refuse to carry out instructions, enabling them to focus on the task at hand e.g. greyhounds or horses when racing. It also enables animals to act in a responsible manner in any situation especially when under pressure, e.g., animal shows and races. Calm and Focus helps to reduce stress and allows the animal to deal with changes in their environment with a minimum of fuss. It may also assist in retraining an animal or attempting to break it of bad habits. Use Calm and Focus for bored animals who left alone for long periods, especially is they are destructive.

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