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Anaheart Combination Remedies to aid Adjustments

Body Ease Plus Cream

Body Ease Plus Cream

Pain is the absence of love. When we are not loved, we feel pain. First in sadness as a child, then as loneliness as we get older, until finally, other diseases come to us.

Even for the evolved soul, being loved, validating love, and having love on the earth plane is essential. It is a journey of understanding that love can only come from the Self, it is the seeking of love outside of the self that creates pain.

This cream may encourage greater flexibility of mind and body, realigning the body's subtle energies thereby enabling the body to relax, helping to release pain.

  • May assist in the relaxation of stressed muscles
  • Could be valuable for easing the stress of repetitive injuries, arthritis, and sore muscles
  • May assist in relaxing muscles, releasing headaches and migraines
  • Can be used as a facial moisturiser to assist with headaches and neuralgia

An excellent remedy for therapists, chiropractors, masseuses and acupuncturists to use as it assists in the removal of blockages in the meridians and relaxes muscles, enabling adjustments to be made more easily.

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