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Affordable Portable Colloidal Silver Generator

The Clean Green Silver Machine

This device is battery powered so it is completely portable. Take it on holidays or camping.
Use it to make colloidal silver using either tap water or pure water. Can be used to disinfect around the home.
Use colloidal silver instead of most household cleaners, in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and can be used on bandages to promote healing, on pimples to clear up acne, you can even add it to the pets drinking water. The batteries last for at least a year so the running cost is very small.

This machine comes as a kit with everything you need. The kit includes the machine two pure silver electrodes a small cleaning scrubber for the electrodes, a lead to plug in and join to the electrodes and a booklet which details many of the uses and instructions on how to make your own colloidal silver.

Take this compact machine with you when travelling and you have a simple means of purifying water, treating infections and disinfecting your environment, or just use it daily in your home as a clean, green, alternative to household cleaners! For more information about Colloidal Silver click here.

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