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Archangel Uriel in Flight

Archangel Uriel in Flight painting

Most of you have a deep and abiding longing to re-experience yourselves as pure Spirit and your time on Earth is sometimes fraught with difficulties, and at other times you feel great Joy. You have chosen this earthly journey in order to have all of these experiences. You are courageous beings but many of you suffer greatly. I am here to offer to you the re-membrance of yourself as Spirit. When you feel these deep longings, and in the midst of your suffering call upon me, and I will instantly be with you.

Archival Fine Art Heavyweight Paper

Each of these Angel Paintings is a virtual original as they are printed, signed and infused with Angelic Energies by Glenyss. They are not mass produced but individually printed with loving care to preserve their high vibrational energy.

Artwork sizePaper
20cm, 8" sq. $28.00
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30cm, 12" sq. $52.00
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45cm, 18" sq. $94.00
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60cm, 23.6" sq. $182.00
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80cm, 31.5" sq. $338.00
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Stretched Canvas

These are ready to hang stretched canvases, digitally signed, and printed for Glenyss. We have sold these at our Gallery over the last few years, and they are very popular. We can assure you that the high vibrational Angelic Energy is still present.

Artwork sizeCanvas
30cm, 12" sq. $145.00
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40cm, 16" sq. $159.00
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50cm, 20" sq. $199.00
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75cm, 30" sq. $299.00
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90cm, 36" sq. $399.00
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Postage for paintings is free worldwide.

2020: For international orders, due to postage delays in Australia, Glenyss will arrange to have her paintings printed in your country for you. They are digitally signed, and the high vibrational Angelic Energy is still present.

Prices are in Australian dollars.

Sizes are approximate since aspect ratios of paintings may vary.

Please contact us for quantity discounts.