Angel Artwork and Flower Remedies

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Broken Heart

Anaheart Combination Remedies to aid Broken Heart

Essence of Happiness
Essence of Love
Grandmother Moon Elixir

Essence of Happiness

Essence of Happiness is a stimulating Flower Remedy for people who feel depressed and overwhelmed by negative feelings and have difficulty enjoying life.

Essence of Happiness

  • May promote renewed enthusiasm for life
  • Promotes optimism, faith, and hope in looking toward the future
  • Spiritual strength to start again
  • Offers psychic protection — protects from absorbing negativity from others
  • Awakens a sense of fun
  • Refreshes — a new way of seeing the world.

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Essence of Love

Essence of Love is a spiritual love potion to encourage self- love, self-esteem and acceptance of yourself as a powerful spiritual being. This essence stimulates feelings of unconditional love and self-acceptance.

Essence of Love:

  • Encourages mutual understanding and gratitude for life's lessons
  • Enhances loving relationships
  • Brings out the best in self, and others

Sprayed in the air it can help to promote positive loving relationships.

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Grandmother Moon Elixir

Grandmother Moon Elixir helps one to pass through the portals of puberty, menstruation, sexual awakening, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, motherhood, menopause, hysterectomy and hormonal changes, with ease and grace. It helps to unlock inner wisdom, and to help one to discover their true nature and to reawaken enthusiasm for life!

Grandmother Moon Elixir:

  • May assist men to explore their feminine side to achieve greater balance
  • Helps us to unlock the power within us and to access our inner wisdom.
  • May promote wellbeing during rights of passage

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